Helping Hands


Do you need to talk?

Everyone carries a burden and when feelings go unprocessed, it can lead to compassion

fatigue and eventually burnout

Anyone who is experiencing fatigue, anger, self-doubt, or sadness may benefit from talking

to a chaplain. Chaplaincy isn’t about glossing over a situation, it’s about exploring feelings.

What makes us human is our constant search for meaning. When our sense of order and

purpose is disrupted, either by an accident, a death, the birth of a child, or a pandemic, it

disrupts something fundamental inside of us.

Chaplains learn how to listen, how to not insert themselves into a person’s story, and how to create

a safe, non-judgmental space where any and all feelings can be expressed. Unlike most therapists,

chaplains don’t shy away from talking about spirituality. Chaplains won’t bring in theology or

scripture unless the person they’re talking to brings it up first.

pastoral care might include:

  •  listening

  •  comforting

  •  encouraging

  •  practically helping

  •  praying

pastoral care might involve:

  •  sustaining others through prolonged difficulty or immediate need

  •  enabling the journey of healing and wholeness

  •  considering the process of reconciliation with God, self and others

  •  offering guidance about other resources and enabling different perspectives

  •  celebrating life with one another

If you, or someone you know, would benefit from this service please 

call us on 01322 431765.


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